Mind hacks to conquer loneliness

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"Will I be alone forever?" "I hate being single." "Why can't I find love?" "All men are jerks." "Women are all gold-diggers." If you find yourself asking these questions on the regular, then there could be some helpful mind hacks to help you overcome loneliness and feel better in no time

What You'll Need

  • Compassion and gratitude
  • Surround yourself with those who love you

What You'll Do

  • Know that being alone doesn't mean you're unlovable or un-datable. Even if others have couple plans, this does not and should not define you or your ability to love or be loved.
  • Examine your thinking. People often make gross generalizations and false statements based on how they feel at the moment. Thinking "I'll be alone forever" is not based on fact, but rather fiction. It's based on feeling alone right now and is then generalized to the rest of your life. Not only is it unhealthy and inaccurate, but it will instill that belief in you and erode your confidence and ability to present yourself in an appealing manner to potential dates.
  • Don't compare yourself to others. No one is pointing you out just because you're single nor are you wearing a badge suggesting so. We're often our own worst enemy and biggest offender of magnifying any slight perceived faults or shortcomings. Rather than seeing your relationship status as a problem, see it as you being in a place of opportunity -- opportunity to meet new people and potentially develop a relationship.
  • Don't define yourself by your relationship status. You're a whole lot more than a single person. You're a friend, a son or daughter, a valued employee, and someone's future love.
  • Know your strengths and qualities. Would you date yourself if you weren't you? How do you think people who potentially would date you see you? What changes can you implement to make yourself more desirable? What do other people like about you? What are some recent compliments you've heard from others? Are you funny? Kind? Smart? Reminding yourself of your positive traits is a good reminder of just how likable you are, even though you might be single right now.
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