Flexibility versus Mobility

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Flexibility is a bit of a contentious topic. Firstly, stretching is an afterthought. Its hard enough to find time to actually exercise, let alone then find time to stretch more than a few token efforts at the end of the class or PT session. Doing yoga or Pilates as an exercise certainly works to improve flexibility, but again if your goal is fat loss, is doing this exercise in place of a good weight training routine, actually going to deliver the results you want if you don’t have time for both? Add to this stretching itself is a much debated topic. Both types of stretching and length of time of each stretch are not consistent in terms of what you read, so again its hard to know what to do and when to do it. At Lomax we don’t advocate stretching as a thing to do in isolation. Stretching is just a term we all over use. It is better to focus on what you are trying to achieve, so you can then work on strategies that do that. Stretching is one of those, but by no means the most important as generally when you see trainers stretching Clients in gyms, they are doing what are know as ‘static stretches’, which, while beneficial, aren’t as beneficial as active stretches, or stretching done with resistance or mobility drills. At Lomax we advocate a 4-stage approach to getting mobility rather than flexibility (which will done as a bi-product of doing thee drills. Ideally these should be done together with the goal to be relieving ‘stiffness’ from movements you have performed during exercise in the recent past or, to prepare for movements you are going to be doing in the near future.

What You'll Need

  • Trigger point kit
  • Resistance bands
  • Your body and some space

What You'll Do

  • As often as possible or before, during and after exercise sessions pick on or two body parts to focus on – by the end of the week you should have worked the whole body
  • Stage 1: Release work – Trigger Point and rolling
  • Stage 2: Activation work – Banded drills and accessory work
  • Stage 3: Mobility Work – Animal Flow, Supple Leopard, joint opening
  • Stage 4: Flexibility – Active stretching techniques
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