Staying well in the heat

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The sun and heat in the summer increases your need for fluids and electrolytes due to sweating and eating less food; heat can suppress your appetite. What are electrolytes? They are minerals that we absorb from our food and drinks. Electrolytes are found in bodily fluids like blood, sweat and urine. They have an electrical charge and they create signals to different nerves to tell them to contract, divide and maintain fluid balance, here is what they are and what they do: • Calcium: Helps the muscles contract, send signals to nerves, blood clotting, cell division, and supporting healthy bones and teeth • Chloride: Maintains fluid balance • Magnesium: Necessary for over 300 functions within the body, from muscle contractions, proper heart rhythms, nerve function, bone-building and strength, can help reduce anxiety, supports good digestion, and keeps a stable protein-fluid balance. Often called natures sedative. • Potassium: Necessary for stable blood pressure, helps to regulate the heart beat and supports healthy muscle function • Sodium: Maintains fluid balance, supports muscle contractions, and helps with nerve signaling How do you know if you need more? During the hot weather, its sensible to drink more fluids, eat lots of salads and vegetables and keep cool as we lose these important nutrients through sweating, even though you may not realise you are sweating.

What You'll Need

  • 200ml of Tomato juice
  • Squeeze of 1 lemon
  • Dash of Tabasco
  • Dash of Lea and Perrings
  • 1 large stick of celery
  • Tablespoon of tahini to dip
  • Lots of cubed or crushed ice

What You'll Do

  • We often eat less in the heat too and food provides these important electrolytes and some fluid too.
  • Here’s my current favourite electrolyte drink recipe. Add everything except the tahini, to a large glass and stir, and munch on the celery dipped into the tahini. This snack will provide all the electrolytes you need and is super healthy and balancing.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a heart condition and have been advised to reduce your salt, get medical advice before increasing your salt consumption.
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