What is leaky gut?

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Leaky gut sounds terrible; does it mean that all your food ends up in your abdominal cavity? Luckily the answer to that is no! Leaky gut is a term which means the ‘cellular lining’ of the small intestine becomes too permeable. This cellular lining is 1 cell thin, and allows nutrients into the blood stream. If the lining becomes too permeable the gut is then considered leaky. So what happens if the lining is too permeable? Larger molecules of protein from food and bacteria and viruses in the gut can enter the blood stream. The immune system is activated to attack these foreign bodies to protect you and this can over stimulate the immune system and lead to inflammation in the body and for some auto-immune diseases. Because the larger proteins are quite similar to some of our organs and tissues, the over stimulated immune system may start attacking bodily tissues which have a similar make up.

What You'll Need

  • Stewed apples due to their glutamine content
  • Organic chicken or lambs *liver due its high level of vitamin A
  • Bone broth as this is super high in minerals and collagen
  • Get some sunshine, this helps improve your vitamin D levels also necessary for health gut
  • Eat lots of steamed vegetables and salad for fibre to benefit the gut flora
  • Fermented foods like Kefir, live yoghurt, kimchi, miso, saukraut and kombucha
  • Reduce stress and learn to manage it better with exercise, journaling and having awareness of your triggers

What You'll Do

  • Avoid ibuprofen and aspirin unless its prescribed by a Doctor
  • Eating too fast and when stressed
  • Eating bread or pizza immediately after a work out
  • Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach
  • Binge drinking (alcohol)

Tips & Warnings

  • Symptoms of leaky gut may include: auto-immune disease, digestive problems, headaches, inflammation, fatigue and a general feeling of being unwell.
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