Arthritis can be caused by vegetables/fruit

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Norman F. Childers, Ph.D., is the founder of the Arthritis Nightshades Research Foundation. He has the following to say on this subject: “Diet appears to be a factor in the etiology of arthritis based on surveys of over 1400 volunteers during a 20-year period. Plants in the drug family, Solanaceae (nightshades) are an important causative factor in arthritis in sensitive people.” Nightshades are specific group of plants belonging to the solanaceae family includes over 2.000 species. They are a loss one of the most popular foods consumed today . They include: -Tomatoes (all varieties, including tomatillos) -Potatoes (all varieties, NOT sweet potatoes or yams) -Eggplant (aubergine) -Okra -Artichokes -Peppers (all varieties such as bell pepper, wax pepper, green & red peppers, chili peppers, cayenne, paprika, etc) -Goji berries -Tomarillos (a plum-like fruit from Peru) -Sorrel -Garden Huckleberry & Blueberries (contain the alkaloids that induce inflammation) Soya sous made in the U.S. is generally made with genetically modified (GMO) soy beans, which are cut with the nightshade plant Petunia. A healthier option is to purchase Braggs Amino Acids at your health food store. It is naturally fermented soy sauce and the only other ingredient is spring water….it tastes exactly the same as other soy sauces only this one is pure. There is also blueberries, huckleberries, Goji berries and ashwaganda which contains the same inflammation inducing alkaloids. Nightshades induce through specific chemical known as solanine. This chemical irritates gastrointestinal track  and when absorbed in to blood stream it can cause the destruction of the oxygen carrying red blood cells. It's recommended to stay away from this group of vegetables/fruit for three months if you experiencing any symptoms of arthritis, low energy or asthma. After three months begin to reintroduce one nightshade at a time. Take note of any aches, pains, stiffness, and loss of energy, headaches, respiratory problems or any other symptoms. You may find as I did, that the quality of your daily health will dramatically improve after eliminating nightshades from your diet.

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