How Looking Up Can Boost Your Confidence & Creativity

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Were you ever told at school that you would never find the answers on the ceiling? Well you know what? That’s not true. The simple act of looking skyward can have an incredibly positive impact on you and your thinking. It’s all about creating the perfect physiology for creating our optimum state which in turn fills us with confidence and energy. Simple really, the way we carry ourselves and the way we stand tells our mind how to behave. Think about the way you stand if you are feeling down; your shoulders go down, your head sinks down towards the ground and your eyes are fixed to the floor. This is because when we look down we are searching inside our feelings and seeking internal references which can result in us finding previous negative experiences to cement a negative feeling. We are basically giving all our energy into the ground and to things we have no control over. Conversely, by standing up tall, holding your head high and looking up to the sky, you are shifting your physiology to lower stress hormones and increase serotonin; the feel-good hormone. Changing the way you raise your eyes upwards will actually change your mood; it’s life’s natural mood and creativity enhancer. Eyes up are also where the mind visually creates. Looking one way or the other will either help you to look for something you have done previously or will seek to paint a picture of what we can achieve. You are basically looking out beyond your inner thoughts and shackles to search for a new way. Looking up is good for our health too. It will help get that much needed Vitamin D on days when there is not so much sun in the sky, even if there's cloud cover you will be getting more natural light than if you were inside, or had your head down as you walk. And naturally extending your body helps you to breathe deeper and get that lovely oxygen into your lungs and blood pumping round your body. So, why not try it for yourself? What do you notice?

What You'll Need

  • Nothing.

What You'll Do

  • Go out for a walk and count how many birds you see flying, or resting on a roof or in the trees.
  • Look at the cloud patterns, imagine flying around with the birds. Imagine the limitless possibilities up there in the sky.
  • Take a different walk each day, either on your way to or from somewhere, or in your lunch hour to get a different outlook and perspective.
  • Tune in to your other senses. Is it like someone turning up the volume? What sounds and smells become clearer to you?
  • Think about something you want to achieve? What images can you create in your mind's eye?
  • Take notice when you starting thinking of possibilities rather than being stuck in a negative thought loop, but don't judge yourself if the negative thoughts creep in, just go back to noticing the sky.
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