Understand Your Stress Signals By Becoming Body Wise

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With increasing reports of the burnout and stress causing problems with mental , emotional and physical health , in fact in the last year 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. The relationship between overwhelm and burnout and the impact in can have on our physical, emotional and mental health is intrinsic. It's essential as we get more versed with understanding that burnout is a real that we have a dialogue and this conversation about really what goes on for us from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health point of view. Stress signals show up in the body to make us aware of when stress and anxiety and overwhelm and depression is causing havoc in our lives. Because this incredible connection between the mind and the body, they are not two separate things. The body communicates with us all the time. When stress affects us it starts showing up physical symptoms, even if we don't feel stressed. It's important to get to know your stress signals. By tuning into the wisdom of the body we can understand where stress is causing the biggest problems in our lives, and here's how:

What You'll Need

  • Get to understand your body talk: Sit or stand at the end of your bed each morning, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask your body to guide you to a place where your attention is most needed. Don't judge, just notice.
  • Notice where your body is most 'chatty'; this could be an ache, pain or flutter. Notice where it is in your body and what it could be related to.
  • Check in on your stomach: How is your gut health and how are bodily functions performing?
  • Simply pay attention to what your body is communicating with you, just notice, don't judge. Getting too stuck in your head will disconnect you from your body wisdom.

What You'll Do

  • Trust Your Gut: We hold so many emotional brain cells in the stomach, so the stomach is often a place that we really get that sense of tension. IBS is a key indication that stress is wreaking havoc on your body. Take notice if your normal toilet functions are out of kilter; you may suffer bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, excessive wind. Also take notice is a trigger in your everyday life is making you want to run for the toilet; this is often a key indicator of the emotional affecting the physical.
  • Check in on your energy levels: Are you feeling exhausted even though you’ve had 8 hours sleep? Do you find yourself reaching for the double espressos and sugary snack just to keep you going throughout the day? Maybe you feel like you’re running on empty more often than not. Due to the amount your body is going through as you deal with mental and emotional stress, the processing your body is doing in fight or flight mode is like running a marathon on a daily basis.
  • Is your sleep being affected? Stress and overwhelm tend to affect restorative sleep. Stress can often interrupt sleep patterns. Either you want to sleep too much or you can't get any sleep, you suffer from insomnia or you want to fall asleep in the middle of your desk because you're just exhausted and worn out. Stress that affects us in everyday life can often filter into our dreams as well, so if you’ve had yet another anxiety dream you may find that you’re waking up feeling like you’ve been in 10 rounds of a boxing match before you’ve even got out of bed in the morning.
  • You are picking up every cold and virus going: Ongoing stress on the body affects the body’s immune system making you more susceptible to the latest cold or bug that’s doing the rounds in your office, or at the kid’s school. You just have to see someone sneeze on the tube and your nose seems to start streaming.
  • Take notice of where your aches and pains are: Ongoing stress causes wear and tear on the body, you may notice that you have more aches and pains than normal. When we’re stressed we tense up muscles all over our bodies, which causes problems all over the body. Physical and emotional pain are interlinked, and understanding where your physical pain is manifesting will help you understand what are your biggest causes of stress. Feeling ongoing aches and pains in your shoulders? What burdens are you carrying that may not be yours? Are you having problems in your legs? Where are you struggling to navigate your way through your life?
  • Stress is more than skin deep: Are you experiencing problems with your skin? Rashes, itching, hives, eczema, psoriasis, excessive goose bumps or an acne flair up are all symptoms of stress affecting you. The skin is the outer layer of protection with have from our inner to outer worlds, and when we experience ongoing skin problems, this is an indication that stress has really bubbled to the surface.

Tips & Warnings

  • Find out more about the brain body connection and activation exercises to help you access your inner wisdom with the Practical Magic Activation Deck; your life coach in a box. www.practicalmagicliving.com
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