Why Celebrating is for Life, not just for Special Occasions

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When working with clients I stress the importance of celebrating each time they reach a milestone or goal, or when they’ve done the things they set out for themselves on that week’s actions. Generally, however, when I ask at each session how they’re going to celebrate; 9 times out of 10 I will be met with a puzzled look. It’s always appears to be the one question which receives a complete blank, or utter dismissal of such a notion. So why is it so important to celebrate? Taking time to give yourself credit for the good work you’ve done is as important as doing the work itself. We are on a constant treadmill of work, home, organising, juggling, spinning plates. Without taking the time to stop and reflect on our successes then achievements are quickly forgotten; we get back on that treadmill and slog more, things seem to become even more difficult and what we achieve becomes lost as we put more and more pressure on ourselves. The simple act of doing something and then rewarding yourself with a little more of what makes you feel happy will give you motivation to continue working towards your goals, and will empower you to achieve them. ‘But I don’t have the money to buy constantly reward myself’ Celebrating your achievements doesn’t always have to end up in a Grand Prix style display of champagne spray. Taking time to give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back can be as simple as taking time out to do something that you most enjoy doing. You can find almost anything to celebrate your achievements, from the most simple of things that you see as a treat. Simple acts of celebration can be as simple as rewarding yourself with a long hot soak in the bath without feeling guilty. It can be getting a professional manicure instead of tapping at the keyboard and painting them yourself at the same time. Or simply getting outside to go for a walk in nature instead of rushing on to the next item on the to-do list.

What You'll Need

  • Your imagination

What You'll Do

  • When you’re working through your action plan, either by yourself or with a coach, make sure that you have your celebration marked out as part of that plan.
  • Add in an hour into your time plan each week as non-negotiable ‘celebration time’.
  • Write a list of the stuff you enjoy doing; from the smaller stuff to the bigger prizes, and pick something each week.
  • Have a celebration fund pot – so you can add money each week when you’ve achieved your weekly actions to save up to something big that celebrates taking some BIG actions.
  • Invite others to celebrate with you. This can make things even more fun, and further cement your achievements.
  • Think about celebrations in experiences rather than material things, so that you can anchor an achievement to a special memory.
  • Balance your celebrations with a mix of really fun, high-energy stuff along side indulgent treat as well as wellbeing activities and pursuits.
  • Track your motivation levels out of 10 on a week where you do celebrate to see what a difference it makes.

Tips & Warnings

  • The more you get used to actually celebrating your achievements, the more you will look forward to getting to them in the first place, and you will make sure that you do the things you’ve set out for yourself quicker and easier than you did before. Call it the golden carrot, but if you have something to look forward to, it will be more likely that you will bust any procrastination habits and look forward to taking actions towards your goal so that you can enjoy the prize at the end of it.
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