Chia Seeds And Their Contribution To Weight Loss

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Chia seeds were virtually unheard of until the 21st century when they gained enormous attention for their impressive nutritional profile. High in Omega 3 fatty acids, plant protein and fibre, the tiny chia seed packs a powerful punch to any meal. Beyond adding nutritional value to your diet, chia seeds can actually assist with weight loss. One study (link below) found that individuals who consumed chia seeds with their morning snack reported increased levels of satiety throughout the day, and ate fewer calories at lunch. However, it appears that these health and weight loss benefits are not fully realized unless you are consuming ground chia seeds.

By grinding your chia seeds, you are allowing your body easier access to all it's nutritional components which makes them more effective. (Read the second study linked below for more details.) It's easy to keep some ground chia on hand to sprinkle into virtually any meal. The chia seed does not have an overpowering flavour, so it can go unnoticed in most meals. Below, you can find easy ways to add chia seeds to your meals and a link to my Chia Seed Banana Bread.

What You'll Need

  • Chia Seeds, whole or ground. I recommend purchasing organic.
  • Food processor to grind your own.

What You'll Do

  • Sprinkle it into your smoothies
  • Mix it with salad dressing (But only just before eating! Chia will gelatinize.)
  • Add it to your jam or peanut butter
  • Top your yogurt or porridge bowls with it
  • Add a spoonful or two into your baked goods
  • Sprinkle over eggs, or add them to an omlete

Tips & Warnings

  • Chia seed study 1: Chia seed study 2: Recipe for Chia Seed Banana Bread:
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