Help ward off sore throats and bugs & boost your immune system with these yoga poses!

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Try a shoulder stand or plough to really restrict and then release the throat pit area - this can help with sore throats & any bugs and is also important for helping to keep your thyroid gland healthy. If shoulder stand is not for you then bridge pose is great too! The lymphatic system doesn’t have it’s own pump like the cardiovascular system so we need to stimulate the lymph through movement (yoga ideally!) in order to activate it. The lymph’s job is to clean up broken & disorganized cells, excess proteins & pathogens throughout the body – these are then transported back to lymph node stations (in your groin pit, arm pit & throat pit to name just a few) where the unwanted substance is destroyed and expelled. Inverted yoga poses are paramount for lymph drainage.. Thanks to the wonderful Brooke Hamblet for passing on this crucial knowledge!

What You'll Need

  • Maybe a yoga mat or a floor that's not too hard!

What You'll Do

  • For Bridge: lie on your back and bring your legs to semi-supine position, so bent at the knees and hip-width apart and feet facing forwards. Then bring your chin to your chest and bring both hands under your bottom – you can either lock your hands together or press your palms into the floor. You can also shuffle your shoulder blades in as far as possible to get a higher lift. Then lift up pressing your hips & chest up to the sky and engage your glutes. If at any point you feel any lower back pain then come down and don’t stay up for as long in future and remember to engage those glutes and to press down with your feet!
  • For Shoulder stand: lie on your back with your knees up and with your chin to your chest. Use momentum to bring your knees up towards your face whilst placing your hands on your lower back for support. Now use your hands to help push your body up straight. Flex your feet and reach them up towards the sky. Shuffle your shoulders and elbows in to help you straighten your body. Engage your core and glutes. Some people find it helps to start in Plough and then straighten up to Shoulder Stand. If you’re not used to this pose it might feel strange and restrictive in the throat area – you’ll get used to it ☺. Always remember to notice the difference between ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘pain’ ☺
  • For Plough: from shoulder stand slowly bring your legs down behind your head whilst engaging your core, if you can touch your toes to the floor behind you then stretch your arms out on the floor (in opposite direction to where your legs are) and press your hands into the floor. If your feet don’t touch the floor then come into Deaf Man’s Pose and let your bent legs rest on either side of your head. For all of these posed come out slowly vertebra by vertebra whilst keeping your core engaged (sucking the belly button in).
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