Five ways to enlighten ourselves

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So many various tools are at our disposal to enlighten ourselves. However, do we really use them? Do we really give ourselves permission to take some ‘me time’ and focus on our well being? I used to think that I gave myself permission to pamper my life, body and spirit until I really started taking care of myself in a respectful and proper way. Here is my Before/After enlightening myself When the downward dog becomes a competitive dog… I wanted to lose a few pounds and tone up my body. So, I decided to practice yoga and boxing every day. The flow of my yoga class was pretty fast and positioning your body in a good alignment was not the first concern with this type of yoga. At first, it felt great and challenging to push my own limit more and more. But, at one point (when it was too much!), my body gave up on my insatiable desire to constantly pressurize myself to be better and better. My hips started to hurt and, after a few classes with horrible pains, I had to stop. I had to reconsider my way of working out. I had to finally see that I lost the joy of going to the gym, I was so attached to the outcome that I forgot to enjoy the moment. Silly me! After a few months of taking care of my body, I was back in the gym but in a different manner. I changed my schedule and actually now, I always ask my body what it is ready for. Sometimes, it’s Pilates, sometimes it’s cardio and sometimes it’s nothing. And, I’m okay with it. First enlightenment: Our body is precious and we should treat it as a treasure. When Food becomes an enemy… My relationship with food has always been tricky. I eat healthy but sometimes I can completely blow a fuse and eat tons of crap that, at the end of that “food porn” session, will leave me feeling ashamed and guilty. I quit on so many things in order to be ‘healthy’ that I just frustrated the good process of my body. My enlightenment came from my naturopath that explained to me how my body works and how to feed it properly. Since then, I’m back to normal and have a peaceful relationship with food and of course, some yummy chocolate whenever I want! Second enlightenment: your body knows what it needs, trust it. Love = Suffering I love movies that feature a passionate love story with a lot of dramas. In real life, meaning with my own life, it’s another story and I’ve never experienced the happy ending that Hollywood wants us to buy! Don’t get me wrong, I had the passion and the drama but at the end of it, I also collected the suffering, pain and crazy behaviors of two people who were suffering like hell and couldn’t express it. Bad boys and passionate love stories used to turn me on, but not anymore! Third enlightenment: we deserve to be respected and loved by a great guy (or girl). Period. Work hard, No time for fun By becoming an entrepreneur, I thought I had to constantly work hard and give up on the fun that life can bring. I thought I had to make a certain amount of money to enjoy the simple pleasure of life. After a few years of hardship, I finally understood that if I was not giving myself permission to enjoy life, right now, at this exact moment, I would die without doing all of the things that I wanted to do. Again, silly me. It was a 180 U-turn and a great one! We can work hard but, with no fun with it, what’s the point? Fourth enlightenment: YOLO! (You only live once!) Controlling vs Trusting I’m the queen of self-control! But, I switched my crown to another one: The Queen of Trust. Fifth enlightenment: Switch yours too!

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