Cultivating a healthy relationship with SUGAR

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In recent years sugar has been totally demonised. Frequently dubbed as our 'enemy', widely scare mongered that it should be avoided at all costs, and furthermore likened to the class A drug: cocaine. While it is widely recognised (through many research papers and by top physicians) that too much sugar has a negative impact upon our health, and provides us with little in the way of nutrient-density, the extent of scaremongering around this substance can have equally as detrimental effects upon our health (e.g. disordered eating). Fearful relationships to certain foods can totally rob us of a pleasurable and nourishing experience. Thus, what should our relationship with Sugar look like? For me, it comes down to the following... PLEASURE, MINDFULNESS & NOURISHMENT. I eat sugar with these three little words in mind. The amount of sugar I eat depends upon - 1. the amount of JOY I can have while consuming it 2. when I tune in to my body, whether it actually WANTS it from a place of LOVE and respect, not fear 3. whether it will NOURISH me; mind, body, and soul What does this mean?

What You'll Need

  • LOVE

What You'll Do

  • Say no to sugar because it isn't going to serve your body and mind at this moment (love), not because you are fearful it will give you cellulite (fear).
  • Say yes to sugar because at that moment, at your loved ones birthday party, it is a lovely way to celebrate and share and socialise (love)
  • Saying yes to sharing and savouring a pudding on date night with your love (love), but maybe saying no to that chocolate bar at the service station which you will munch down in the car at lightening speeds. Because it isn't really providing you with any JOY, it isn't being consumed MINDFULLY, and it definitely isn't NOURISHING your mind, body, or soul...

Tips & Warnings

  • While sugar is not the nutrient-dense food we can incorporate into our diet, it can still be important with respect to our social and emotional human experience in this world. With any balanced, sustainable and sensible diet, there should be room for joyful eating. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to ‘healthy’ eating, so there should always be space for a slice of birthday cake (probably as long as you’re not at a different birthday party every day of the week…!) Chose your moments mindfully and enjoy them mindfully. Make sure your sugary moments are worth it, and that they nourish your soul. My most recent worth it moment was picking apples from the garden and making an apple crumble with them to share with those around me whom I LOVE. It was so fricking NOURISHING!
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