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If you have a really hard workout in the gym at 8pm on a Tuesday night would you expect your body to be able to hit it hard again the next morning at 7am? Probably not. If you are joining me as one of the estimated 10-20% of people in the western world who deal with acid reflux or GERD please read on!

What You'll Need

  • Calendar or notepad to track which foods upset your acid relux and to track flareups
  • System to remind you to make sure you aren't eating to late in the evening
  • Prebiotic, Probiotic, Alfalfa Complex and EZ-Gest if desired

What You'll Do

  • Eat your heaviest meal at lunchtime instead of dinnertime
  • If you need to snack before bedtime make sure it is at least an hour before lying down
  • Drink water, with lemon if possible, first thing upon waking
  • If you must have coffee in the morning make sure to eat something before you drink your coffee
  • Start and end your day with foods that are green like spinach, kale or celery
  • Try to limit yourself to one cup of coffee per day if possible and if you like tea try to stick to the green variety
  • Consider a high quality prebiotic, probiotic and supplements that are known to help regulate the pH balance in your stomach
  • Also consider digestive enzymes before foods that may challenge your system or for when traveling and consuming foods you don't generally eat
  • Try meditation or acupuncture to help manage your stress level

Tips & Warnings

  • The general concept here is to let your digestion take on it's biggest challenge once a day in the middle of the day and for you to allow your gut to wind down in the evening and get going in the morning before challenging it to much. Also, in periods of high stress, choose foods that you know are comfortable for your system. Again, if your muscles were sore from a hard workout you wouldn't likely push past those feelings. Give your gut the same kind of love.
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