Beware of processed skincare: the app that can help

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Your skin absorbs what you put on it so it's important to learn which ingredients are in your skincare products that you're using on a regular basis. Many brands use synthetic ingredients, some may disrupt your natural skin function or trigger skin conditions. Mineral oil aka petrolatum, paraffin or petroleum jelly puts a ‘plastic film’ on your skin, meaning your skin cannot breathe and release toxins. This disrupts the natural skin processes and may lead to premature ageing. Other ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate strip skin and may aggravate acne and eczema. Methylisothiazolinone (MI) a preservative is known to trigger contact dermatitis. Synthetic fragrance may do this too and is a known hormone disruptor. In order to nourish your skin and avoid these skin issues it's best to switch to organic and natural beauty that is in synergy with your skin and body.

What You'll Need

  • Switch to certified organic skincare that is filled with antioxidants, vitamins and omegas to nourish your skin and benefit your health. Just like fashion the right skincare is a personal choice depending on your skin needs and budget, and may need some trial and error to find what works for you.

What You'll Do

  • Download the app Code Check or Think Dirty to screen your beauty for toxins, and do your research. Nowadays you can see ‘paraben-free’ on some labels which doesn’t mean the product is safe. The chemical methylisothiazolinone (also known as MI) is a common replacement – and it’s been responsible for a rise in contact dermatitis and eczema. Just make sure you read the ingredient list before you buy!
  • Read my Natural Beauty Guide that captures my 6 years of research – including videos and articles – in one place helping you make informed choices about which ingredients to avoid and how to choose genuine nutrient rich beauty products.
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