CalmerRama Mindset to help reframe your thoughts and ease anxiety

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As an MBCT Practitioner I am obsessed with sharing ways to support mental health and help share ways to manage stress and anxiety. The MBCT programme, approved by NICE guidelines for the management of depression and anxiety is steeped in research and with incredible results. Across the past decade, I have been championing a more mindful approach within education, schools, and universities. However it is one thing lecturing and sharing research – the real art is how to inspire motivation and action. Real world application of these mindset techniques, away from just the clinical space is what’s important. One of the most effective ways and Mindful Power Tools is the CalmerRama Breathing Space – a very simple and effective focus technique to check in with yourself and help you become aware of what is actually unfolding for you in Mind and Body in the present moment:

What You'll Need

  • This 3 mins breathing exercise to reduce anxiety helps to give you choice of focus and attention – away from ‘doing’ and becoming ‘being’. With daily practice, you can feel more grounded and naturally calmer in just 3 mins every day.

What You'll Do

  • Head: Sit comfortably and set an intention – your aim is to be focused and aware, not completely relaxed. For just 1 min, take a moment to become aware of your mind, the speed of your thoughts, perhaps the overriding emotion you feel in this moment. Is your attention scattered or are you focused? On past or future? Just notice.

  • Chest and Shoulders: Move your focus away from your mind/head down to your chest, noting how your breath feels inside your body.

  • Connect Mind and Body: Now that you’re aware of mind and body – where needs your attention? Using your Breath to expand a feeling of light and space, could you be kinder to yourself, slow down perhaps? Manage those anxious feelings that from now on can be controlled rather than feeling like they come out of nowhere?
  • Now you are more connected could you Reframe Your Mindset with this simple daily check in. What I can learn to control?: • My Boundaries • My reactions • My expectations of myself and others • How I invest my time • How I speak to myself?
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