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You are going to list out your resentments (to a person/situation) but will be focusing on the fear or fears that drive those resentments. You are NOT to write or describe the resentment itself. The goal is to look underneath it to see what lies beneath. Process (1) Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete this process. It is best if done in a quiet and private space. (2) Take a piece of ruled paper or open up a new document on your laptop. (3) Format: Universe/God (something you believe in - optional) I am resentful at ___________, because i have fear that I ___________." For example: Universe, I am resentful at my employer. Because I have fear that I am never going to be as good as she is (4) You can then add additional fears that are associated with that fear or below it. Write until you feel like that you have run through the depth of that particular fear/resentment. Format: I have fear that _________________________________ God, I am resentful at my employer, because i have fear that I will never be as good as she is I have fear that I wont get the promotion I have fear that I will never have the job that I want I have fear that I will not be valued I have fear that I don't value myself (5) Say out loud ... "Universe/God, I ask you to remove these fears and replace them with truth vs fear " (6) Make a list of your desires - all the things you would love to happen and do one of these each day ie I desire to call my mum, I desire to buy myself some flowers etc

What You'll Need

  • paper, pen or laptop

What You'll Do

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to say 'I have fear that I' this is about you taking responsibility for your fear and not making to about the other person. Once you can look at your part, you can take the 'heat' our of the situation and see how you can make positive steps/desires to change.
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