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The best cure for loneliness is connection. This can be connection with yourself, which does help. But I would also recommend connection with others. Part of what we crave when we are lonely is to be seen and valued by another person. In order to have this experience, we must first take the risk to be vulnerable and put ourselves in situations that foster connection and intimacy. So many of us keep things to ourselves when it would really benefit us to share and ask for help. When you are feeling lonely, reach out to people in your community (whatever that is for you) and tell them what you are going through. Ask for their support and then allow yourself to receive it. It is easy to go into isolation when you are feeling lonely, so counteract this by reaching out to someone. If you don’t have a community already or this feels overwhelming, you can start small by going to a class, event, or group activity (pick something you enjoy - like yoga, music, running, volunteering…whatever interests you). Then, while you are there, challenge yourself to say hello to at least one person. Breathe through any discomfort and allow yourself to connect and be seen. Having real conversations with people and sharing what you think and feel is a great way to create intimacy, and to be seen. When you hold your genuine thoughts and feelings in, you create a barrier to connection – both with yourself and with everyone else. But when you share your truth and allow some vulnerability, you deepen your relationships and your fulfillment. It also opens you up to really see and hear the other person, which builds trust and increases connection.

What You'll Need

  • A community of people you can become part of and hobbies you can try

What You'll Do

  • A practice to try: Pick one person in your life that you feel safe with or want to be closer to and tell them how you are feeling right now. Extra credit: ask for their support on something you are having a hard time with. And then allow yourself to receive it.
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