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Ok, so when I first heard about this I thought what a load of 'crap' (pun totally intended). But it genuinely does work. The Squatty Potty basically puts you in the correct posture to poop. What it does, is it raises your legs so you that you are squatty rather than sitting. The idea is that humans are not designed to sit on a loo to poo, but are designed to squat. Which if you think about the places where people don't have a sit-down loo they are all squatting. According to Squatty Potty's website (which for pure entertainment is totally worth you checking out), sitting with your feet on the floor means that your colon is not properly relaxed and so it is hard to poo. That's why so many people are straining to get their poop out which causes a lot of other issues. Whereas if you are squatting, your muscles are relaxed and in the right position for your colon to release the poo.

What You'll Need

  • Buy yourself a Squatty Potty!
  • You can also make your own if you don't want to buy one - just use a bin, or a pile of books. Place them under your feet to get you into the correct 'poo' squatty position and you should be good to go

What You'll Do

  • Feel that 'I've got to go urge'. Make sure you get yourself in the right position to poop more easily.
  • Too make you laugh (a lot) check out Squatty Potty's video selling their product. This is how I found out about it and its hilarious.

Tips & Warnings

  • This is not for someone who has severe constipation because of other causes (like not enough fiber in your diet), but for those who are just struggling to get the poop out...
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