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Lower back pain is so common now people rarely blink an eye if it is mild to moderate, it only reaches the headlines when they can’t get out of bed and are literally stopped in their tracks. Sadly I am seeing this in clinic more and more often, and contrary to common understanding the pain doesn’t always stem from an accident/fall/moving awkwardly these are simply untimely catalysts triggering a pre-existing weakness. In Chinese Medicine when looking at lower back pain we always take into consideration the health of the kidneys, which are seen as the batteries and generator of our whole entire system. So when looking at your lower back pain the first thing to take into consideration and ask yourself is ‘how tired am I’? ‘How stressed am I?’ ‘Have I just had a huge shock?’ ‘How grounded do I feel?’ ‘What’s going on emotionally?’ If you do believe after this that there is an adrenal/kidney element to your lower back pain (I.e. stress, exhaustion, shock) then aside from doing the known cocktail of rest, meditation, no stimulants and see an acupuncturist you can reach for the Basil Oil and rub it on your kidneys/lower back every day in order to aid healing and to prevent the same happening again. This oil is fantastic for extreme fatigue, lower back pain and prevention of lower back issues. It is also amazing for creating mental clarity and grounding you.

What You'll Need

  • Basil oil - www.mydoterra.com/philipagammell and put in the search bar Basil Oil

What You'll Do

  • Simply apply the oil to the lower back area every day - 2 drops with a little coconut oil

Tips & Warnings

  • WARNING - NOT TO BE USED IN PREGNANCY OR IF HAVE EPILEPSY For any more information on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and Essential Oils please don’t hesitate to contact me on philly@phillygammell.com
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