Stress weakening your immune system? This product might be your saving grace

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A recent study published in the Psychology Journal shows that chronic stress, lasting over a long period of time, is associated with higher levels of inflammation in the immune system. And now we know that inflammation in the body can have further potential health consequences.


Because stress weakens the body, when feeling overwhelmed or under pressure, we have the tendency and are naturally more susceptible to catching more colds as it lowers levels of vitamins and minerals in the body. Here are some natural ways you can improve your immune system and manage your cortisol levels at the same time.

What You'll Need

  • 5-8 portions of fruits and vegetables a day
  • Sambucocl – Black elderberry
  • Rest in the form of social activities, alone time, a bath, whatever you like!

What You'll Do

  • Eat a balanced diet that contains high amounts of fruits and vegetables. We want to focus on vitamin C, zinc and antioxidants – all of which help to protect our immune system. Whilst the government recommends 5 portions of fruit and veg per day I personally don’t think that is enough. I think we should aim to eat 8 portions of fruit and veg a day with the focus being on vegetables.
  • Supplementation is an effective and easy way to integrate nutrients into your daily life. Black elderberry is a good option for boosting the immune system. Rich in antioxidants known as anthocyanins, black elderberries are known for their immune boosting effects. I’ve been taking Sambucocl for a while now and they have a good product range – including capsules and liquids. Each product contains vitamin C and zinc. We know that vitamin C helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells. Just one sambucol capsule provides 200mg of vitamin C, 6 mg of zinc and 3.8g of black elderberry juice.
  • We are all frazzled thanks to busy schedules and ever-increasing responsibilities. Rest should be an important factor in your daily life. My advice is to take time to do things that make you feel calm, happy and alive. Get in that hot bath, book that massage, go to a yoga class with a friend. We need to spend more time interrupting the stress response and protecting our immune systems from illness.
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