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Dehydration and stress are two under looked factors to many headaches. There are two main contributor factors as to why dehydration causes headaches; 1) Dehydration causes your brain tissues to lose water which causes the brain to pull away from the skull as it shrinks, this triggers pain receptors that surround the brain. 2) Dehydration causes your blood volume to drop, which will lower the flow of blood to the brain and therefore oxygen. Hydrating, by drinking plenty of water will counteract these factors. Stress can also be a contributory factor to headaches, stress causes energy (which is invisible to many people) to accumulate and stagnate at the top of your head. By undertaking a crown pull on yourself you can release the stagnant energy and clear your headache.

What You'll Need

  • Water

What You'll Do

  • 1. Drink a few large glasses of water, and continue to sip water.
  • 2. Undertake a crown pull by applying pressure to the centre of your forehead with your fingers (hold your fingers of both hands opposite each other on your forehead – so the back of your nails meet). Slowly pull the fingers apart stretching the skin. Repeat this pattern along the top, centre and back of your head until you reach the back of your neck. Breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth as you complete the movements.

Tips & Warnings

  • May people don’t realise how dehydrated they are until they feel thirsty, if you are thirsty your body is severely dehydrated. A very simple way to gauge if your body is dehydrated is by checking your urine; if you are well hydrated your urine will be mostly clear.
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Elizabeth London says...
My mum used to do this with me when I was younger. It really does work!
JJ says...

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