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My 5 Skincare Tips: In order to get the best out of your products and not stress too much about what ingredients you are using, follow these five simple steps to get your skin going... and glowing: 1. Buy Cosmetics/Skincare in Pumps No matter what you buy, if a product comes in pump form you are cutting out nasty preservatives as you don't need to put your fingers in a pot. Makes sense right? Brands like Goldfaden MD and Ren have this down to a T. 2. Keep your Eye cream in the Fridge Wake up your tired eyes with this easy tip- the cooling effect will tone down puffiness and your product will stay fresh for longer. Good morning! 3. There is no Debate- Always Exfoliate! Wether you use an acid mask or a manual scrub, brush away those stubborn dead skin cells at least twice a week. Build up of make up, dirt and skin is gone, leaving your serum and cream sink in deeper. You will be left with a more even and glowing complexion. Buy Lactic acid masks- they are the most gentle of them, even for rosacea and sensitive types! 4. Don't forget your SPF! London, Honolulu, Bangkok or Stockholm- there is no excuse to skip the protection of SPF. Sun factor 30 will do the trick- no need to go higher as stronger factors contain nasty metals and chemicals. Follow this equation- SPF 30 x10= you are protected from burning for 300 minutes. Always remember to re-apply! 5. Don't be fooled by Organic Oils Read up on non comedogenic oils. This is a rating from 0-5 telling you which oil will let your skin breathe and which oil will cause you to break out. 0- the best, most breathable, 5- blocks and congests your skin.

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  • Eye cream, SPF, Exfoliator

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