Best foods that can help relieve burnout

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When your body starts to put the red flag up that your tiredness is turning into fatigue and burnout, it needs you to listen. Putting in some basic principles such as these can be really important to stop the burnout from progressing further.

What You'll Need

  • Low glycemic load foods like chia seeds, oats, eggs and buckwheat
  • Fibre-rich veggies and fruit
  • Journal

What You'll Do

  • Controlling what, when and how you’re eating is the first step. If you’re feeling burnt out, skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do.
  • Start your day with a nutritious breakfast full of low Glycemic load foods like chia seeds, oats, eggs and buckwheat to assist your blood sugar regulation.
  • A current topic which has been in the news lots recently is increasing fibre in your diet. This is key for lots of reasons, but with burnout it’s important to eat fibre-rich veggies and fruit to keep you feeling fuller for longer, but also to improve your gut microbiome. Fibre is an amazing prebiotic, which means food for our good bacteria. This seems so simple yet barely any of us eat as much plant based fibre as we need to stay fit and healthy.
  • Vegetables, particularly greens, can also provide more of the raw materials you need to make energy in the first place.
  • Reduce Coffee. In general, if you feel worn out or stressed, lots of people turn to coffee to get them through each long day. It might be that coffee can actually exacerbate your burn out symptoms, especially when drunk in the afternoon/evening. Caffeine can have a direct impact on your adrenals and so it can use many more nutrients that it gives. If you can, try and gently reduce your reliance on coffee and in an ideal world, shelve it for now.
  • Journaling is a really important part of recognising how your body is doing when you feel burnt out or overwhelmed. Can you take 10 mins out from the day to devote to breathing & reset, such as meditation? Set boundaries - if you’re the type of person who socialises a lot, but you know it’s adding to the overwhelm, get used to saying no, and take some time out for much needed rest instead.
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