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After two years of trying many different ways to beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from western medical advice to alternative health to faith healers, I came across The Lightning Process. I was put in touch with a friend of a friend who had recently had a dramatic recovery from CFS and put it all down to this process. It is semi-controversial as there is no proof (or at least there wasn't when I did it almost 10 years ago) but there are many people who claim that it has changed their life.

What You'll Need

  • Courage: I know you are reading this thinking 'well what exactly is the Lightening Process, I want to know more, I want to know what I am signing up and paying for'.... but I am on purpose not saying much about what the process really is, as part of it is the experience is both the signup process and (when I did it) the two day class.
  • Willingness to take a Leap
  • Open mind and a leap of faith attitude: whether you are only believe in western medicine, or feel let down by the medical community because of your experience with CFS, all I can say about this process is go in with an open mind, a willingness for it to work and a positive mentality.

What You'll Do

  • Research Phil Parker's Lightening Treatment
  • Find a trained Lightening Process Practitioner:
  • Sign up and go to the 2 day training

Tips & Warnings

  • Although it worked literally like a miracle for me, and for others that I met who have gone through Chronic Fatigue, please bear in mind that there is NO scientific proof or studies that have validated that this works. I know one or 2 people that this didnt work for, so there is no guarantee. But, I really hope it works for you as well as it did for me.
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SE Morris says...
CFS, CFIDS, ME -- whatever you call it -- the Lighting Process worked for me. I am almost certain I wouldn't have tried it if I hadn't seen excellent results in my niece and if I hadn't been able to understand, after reading Phil Parker's introductory book to the Lightning Process, the reasoning behind why the LP might work for me. The first year or 2 I used it regularly, Now I do so more occasionally, For example, if I experience a "flare," which is very very rare. I have also found it helps me with other endeavors. The LP is all about neuroplasticity. It is NOT a mind-over-matter approach -- far from it -- but it does involve using your mind and your body to help your body. Phil Parker came up with a surprising combo that worked for me and many others. As far as other suggestions? Eat a balanced diet of protein and carbs. If you need meat, eat it. Some people have the right constitution for a vegetarian or vegan diet -- I envy them but I'm not one of them and had to learn that the hard way. Adequate protein is crucial to the immune system. Under the tutelage of an MD who was also a dietician, I took enzymes and malic acid to help with digestion and absorption. Avoid sugar. During the worst of my CFS journey (of many years), acupuncture had a soothing effect, as did Vipassana meditation (Joseph Goldstein provides free access to his dharma talks online, which I found helpful in keeping my meditation practice on track). Diet, acupuncture, meditation were all things that helped me keep from drowning, but the LP got me back on dry land and into a completely full life again.
SE Morris says...
I suffered from CFS for 14 years before doing the Lightning Process Treatment. Within a few weeks I was able to do things (hike up a mountain, for example) that I had been unable to do in all of the time I was ill. I have been completely cured for 5 years, now -- well, one very brief very slight 2 week backslide, but that's it! I jog, I lift weights, I drive long distances, I can be in the sun, I eat what I want, sleep well, and much more -- all things that would have been unthinkable while I was ill. I would add to "courage" and "willingness to take the leap," that discipline and a strong imagination are helpful.

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