How to manage Cold Sores naturally

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Cold sores, otherwise known as the Herpes Simplex virus, lay dormant in the body. Outbreaks occur when you are run down, tired or stressed. The best way to keep them at bay is to have a healthy balanced diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, get lots of rest and have a low stress lifestyle. However, if you do suffer with an outbreak there are simple ways to get rid of them quickly without using lots of nasty chemicals.

What You'll Need

  • Lysine Supplement
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Coconut oil
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Meditation

What You'll Do

  • 1. Lysine supplement: Lysine is an amino acid, that is found naturally in the body. The cold sore virus multiplies where lysine and arginine (another amino acid) is out of balance. During a cold sore outbreak, reduce the amount of Arginine rich foods that are in your diet, and then increase the amount of Lysine rich foods or add a lysine supplement to your diet. Arginine rich foods: Chocolate, caffeine, oats, nuts and seeds. Lysine rich plant based foods: Tempeh, lentils, Seitan, other legume foods, Quinoa, amaranth, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds. Check with the particular brand of Lysine supplement that you are using, however in most cases you are able to take up to 3000mg of Lysine as soon as you feel a tingle and during an outbreak. Manage outbreaks by taking the standard dose (1000mg) daily to stop outbreaks from occurring.
  • 2. Apple Cider Vinegar Topically apply ACV to the cold sore break out. Apple Cider Vinegar kills the bacteria whilst also drying out the scab by balancing the pH level. Soak a cotton ball with ACV and apply it to the blister 3-4 times a day. Take 1tbsp of ACV internally as it will help reduce the internal pH and help the bodies natural defences against the herpes simplex virus.
  • 3. Coconut oil Lips can get very dry and sore - as the name would suggest - during an outbreak. Apply it topically as soon as you feel the blister start to present, it will not only moisturise your lip but help to stave off the virus. Coconut oil should also be taken internally as it is has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties - 1-3tbsp a day.
  • 4. Aloe Vera gel Once the blister has dried up, aloe vera can help to heal the wound and moisturise the lip to return it, to it's former glory.
  • 5. Meditation Meditation as a stress management technique can create a positive impact on general health, but also tackle one of the causes of cold sores. There are many short guided meditation apps that can be incorporated into the daily routine for greater wellness. My favourite are Calm and Headspace.

Tips & Warnings

  • <p>Lysine supplement - It can take 3-6months to notice any difference in herpes outbreaks. I wouldn't suggest taking any supplement long term without seeking the advice of a medical practitioner.</p>
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