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One of my favourite quotes is this beauty by author unknown: “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” And I couldn’t agree more. I believe a smile is one of the most powerful, universally understood gestures there is. And it is a big part of how you communicate, how you nurture your relationships, and how you feel. Let’s start with the communication bit. According to Dr Albert Mehrabian, only about 7% of your communication is based on words. On the other hand, nonverbal elements, like smiling, take up about 55% of your communication. That means that if you can bring that smile out whenever you are with someone else, you are getting a head start with creating a positive, confident impression of yourself. This brings me to the second point – smiling and your relationships. When you see someone smile, you activate the mirror neurons of your brain which immediately make you want to reciprocate the gesture and smile back. That means that whenever you smile you make it more likely for other people to smile. You basically have the power to start a positivity spiral around you – as well as connect with people, both close and far, in a positive way. Which brings me to the third point: how smiling makes you feel. When you smile, you trigger your brain’s reward mechanism, making it produce happy hormones. These happy hormones in turn make you feel good which makes you want to smile even more which then results in even more happy hormones in your body. Basically, one smile can totally shift the energy in your body if you let it. And, best of all, even a fake smile can start the happy hormone production so even if you’re feeling frustrated or stressed, forcing yourself to smile can help you to get back into a positive place.

What You'll Need

  • Your compassion.
  • Your courage.

What You'll Do

  • Smile to three strangers today to spread some positive vibes.
  • Force a fake smile the next time you are feeling stressed to change your mood.
  • Smile!
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