Disappointment Can Be A Challenge, But It Can Also Be Your Greatest Teacher

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I'm sure you've experienced the excitement and anticipation of something big that you felt coming into your life, transforming your world and bringing in its wake a huge uplift of energy, only to find out that it wasn't what it seemed, didn't contain what you needed or just bypassed you completely.

What You'll Need

  • Great vision, openess to learn and a positive slant to your thinking

What You'll Do

  • 1. Full acknowledge your disappointment. So often we skip past what we truly feel. Allow yourself to acknowledge the feelings of deflation, maybe even anger, unworthiness, and regret. Give yourself a moment to feel into these shadow emotions. Allow them to be there.
  • 2. Turn your vision inward. What are you meant to learn from this? Is there anything you can improve? Is there anything that you need to release? As an energy worker I've grown to understand is that we always have the choice to use our challenges in a way that zaps our energy as we either get deflated or we rage against what should have or could have been, conversely we can use these experiences to make us stronger and able to meet that same situation from a more empowered state.
  • 3. How do you want to feel? Take the control back and ask yourself what you wanted to get from this experience. How did you want to feel? Who would you have been after you got the thing you wanted? How would your life have been different? Get a strong sense of the emotional attraction that you have to this thing that's disappointed you, what are you really reaching for and yearning for from this?
  • 4. Re-Creation Open yourself to recreating the opportunity, go back out there and open yourself up to that experience again, do it from a place of positivity, of experimentation and of joy. Our disappointments are meant to teach us rather than block our progression, so keep moving forward.
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