Self-love Is The Antidote For Depression, Anxiety and Relationship Issues

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Does this sound familiar? You feel like angry gremlins are coming at you, you’re exhausted from hauling the weight of the world on your shoulders, you’ve got this imaginary ball and chain locked around your ankles, and if that isn’t enough you’re at your wits end from constantly dodging bullets that are aimed right at your head and chest! The truth is, these are all distortions we can experience when our self-love tank is running on empty and our self-hate tank is topped off and running on full throttle. Did you know that the level of our self-love affects every aspect of our life? It impacts our relationships, our career, how much money we make, how happy we truly are, and how people perceive us. To determine your level of self-love, here’s a quick self assessment: Do you believe that it is your job to define your own worth and lovability and no one else’s job or do you believe your self-worth is based on how people feel about you? When you make a mistake are you able be compassionate with yourself and learn from the situation or do you beat yourself up? Do you feel guilty for taking care of yourself or do you do something for yourself on a regular daily basis? Your self-love will increase if you begin to see who you really are, rather than seeing yourself through all the false beliefs and distortions. As adults we need to take responsibility for knowing who we really are. When we are able to embrace this responsibility, then we know we are connected to our authentic or truest self. At the very essence of who we really are is a deep reservoir for our capacity to love, experience joy and compassion. Here are 3 principles of self-love to help guide you towards expressing your true authentic self:

What You'll Need

  • A commitment to your personal growth.
  • Compassion for yourself.

What You'll Do

  • Not handing over defining who you are to others.
  • The worth of your true authentic self is intact, unchanging and nothing can change it and nothing you do can take it away from you.
  • When you hinge your self-worth on your performance or how others think of you, your self-worth will fluctuate based on those events.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many of the issues that people struggle with such as, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues are really symptoms of a disconnection from their true authentic self. Be kind to yourself as you learn to apply these principles of self-love into your daily living. Believe in yourself as you open your heart to the magnificence of who you truly are and allow yourself to be curious as you learn to raise the level of joy in your tank of self-love. If you feel you would benefit from one-on-one support with a trained professional, please don’t hesitate to reach out for support by scheduling a free consultation and learn more about how we can work more closely together.
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