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SUPPORT AND STABILIZATION A resource is anything that supports, nurtures, stabilizes, and strengthens a person. Ask yourself the following questions: "You’ve been through a lot and you’ve survived a lot, what gave you the strength to come through, to go on?”, “What gives you strength in your life?, and “ What do you enjoy the most in life?" Resources are external or internal, missing or available, relational or non-relational. Below are some examples: Internal Resources: Time, energy, senses, imagination, boundaries, balance, humor, sense of self, creativity, music, prayer, strong body, health, internal wisdom, intelligence, breath, safety, grounding, spontaneity, adaptability, focus, movement, dreams, anger, joy, optimism, fluidity, intuition, resiliency, courage, talent, desire, passion, love, endurance, sense of purpose, discernment, trust, calm, containment, curiosity, integrity, ability self care, beauty and its appreciation. External Resources: Work, money, time, nature, pets, shelter, family, loved ones, hobbies, transportation, music, exercise, community, art, mentors, food, travel, education, books, internet, sex, church, language, peak experiences, addiction, justice, therapy, dance, objects you love, rituals, quiet time.

What You'll Need

  • A piece of paper.
  • A pen to write with.

What You'll Do

  • Identify your resources. Write down a list of your resources. Try to come up with a minimum of 20.
  • Experiencing a Resource The goal of this exercise is to show you how thinking of a resource causes physical changes in your body. Think of some place, time, or person that make you feel safe and relaxed. As you access that image, pay attention to what you feel in your body. As you sense into this resource, you may experience relaxation, perhaps with an increased sense of wellbeing. It should feel comforting and soothing. It is important that you pay attention to the details of the experience of wellbeing and how it feels inside your body. This is the beginning of creating an oasis of safety in the body. Take all the time you need. Notice the variety of ways your body signals to you that it is relaxing. Notice any discharge of tension from your body, such as, tingling, heat or expansion.Write down a list of your resources. Try to come up with a minimum of 20.

Tips & Warnings

  • Traditional Medicine may tend to focus on what’s gone wrong in your life. By recognizing what has worked or what is working well in your life is a resource. A resource is any positive memory, person, place, action, or personal capacity that creates a soothing feeling in your body. We actively use these resources to help reduce nervous system over activation and stimulate a relaxation discharge response. It is important to focus on what is healthy in you. Your body knows what it needs to heal and everyone has his or her own set of resources. Learning to work with these resources can help you heal. Slowing down is a resource and reconnecting to your body experience is a resource. It can be really helpful if you, your caregivers, and those around you remain focused on the conviction that healing is possible. Have you ever been with a friend or caregiver who is so focused on what’s not working for you that it seems impossible to imagine that you will ever be better? Think how this feels, as opposed to being with someone who focuses on your capacities and strengths. You might want to explain to those around you that increasing focus on what’s working gives you the resources you need to work on the symptoms that are holding you back from recovery.
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