What You Resist Persists: How Do You Resist?

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H O W D O Y O U R E S I S T ? Resistance is one of the strategies of human behavior that holds you back and keeps you in your current situation. On the surface, you may say you want a certain change, but your actions show otherwise. The more clearly you can see and acknowledge the specific actions that are holding you back, the more you can take different actions that are in alignment with your life goals.

What You'll Need

  • A Pen to write with.
  • Open mind and heart.

What You'll Do

  • From the list provided, circle the forms of Resistance you notice yourself doing.
  • Be gentle with yourself as you notice all the forms of your resistance. Be very compassionate with yourself and ask yourself or your resistant self directly, “What are you afraid of if I don’t _________(procrastinate), what are you afraid might happen? What is a compassionate way to handle your resistance so that it is no longer blocking you from moving forward?

Tips & Warnings

  • Procrastination. Perfectionism. Not letting go of control. Not delegating. Micro-managing. Getting sick. Getting scattered. Signing up for another program when you aren’t completing the actions in your current program. Going into self-judgement, self-doubt. Blaming others. Not focusing on the money - not setting a bold money goal, not tracking income and expenses daily, not taking specific actions to reach your bold money goal. Comparing yourself to others. Getting pulled into the drama of family members (or clients). Not following through with opportunities. Not calling people back, saying no to an opportunity, etc. Letting others hold you back. Not getting enough support at home. Not reaching out for help and accessing the support that is there for you. Watching T.V. Eating sugar. Drinking. Spending a lot of time with low vibration, negative people. Not getting enough sleep. Sleeping too much. Saying you need a “break” instead of integrating more self-care into your daily routine. Postponing your goals to the future. “I am not ready right now” “Next year will be a better time” So and so is sick so I need to not work on my business”. Being disorganized. Saying “Yes” to too many activities where you begin to feel overwhelmed. Not having a schedule or having a schedule and not following it. Projecting ill intent onto colleagues, team members. Hiring team that aren’t able to be supportive or aren’t a right fit for the position. Being late. Not participating fully in a program.
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