Ayurvedic remedy for when you're constantly on the move

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We don't realise how much being on the go especially through travel - car, bus, train, flying (the worst!) can eventually spin us out into a frenzy of feeling totally ungrounded, anxious, unfocused, fragmented and generally in a bit of a tiz. Taking into account the Ayurvedic doshas, people with a higher constitution of Vata (note: we are all made up of Vata, Pitta and Kapha) will be drawn to travel and movement in a big way. In Ayurveda, like increases like therefore in this instance we look to slow, warm and grounding practices. Through my own experience of constant travel the following tips help keep me to re-ground and feel a sense of calm and stillness. Trying to be as realistic as possible with peoples time and agendas the following are lovely things to do upon arrival after travel or just before going to bed. P.S It has been said that one should never travel faster than their walking pace (!)

What You'll Need

  • Abhyanga - Half a cup of Organic Sesame Oil (I reccommend the brand Clearspring), a towel you don't mind splashing oil on, Cotton (ideally) socks you don't mind getting oil on
  • Seated Forward Bends - a clear floor space.

What You'll Do

  • Abhyanga (mini version) - Warm a small half cup of organic sesame oil. Sitting on a towel with a pair socks at the ready, massage each foot and ankles with a geneous amout of the oil (to warm oil slightly rub in hands first to create a little heat). Put socks on.
  • Seated Forward Bends (get into this position at a snails pace) - sit cross legged with length from crown to tailbone, the seat bones want to remaing grounded throughout. Slowing starting to walk the hands forward out infront, fold at the hips so the seat bones are moving back and the heart is lengthening forward. Hold for ten long inhales and exhales when you meet your edge. Inhales to fill the back of the ribcage.
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