4 Ways to Get Over Sunday Blues

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Do you ever feel sadness or a sense of dread on Sunday evenings? Known as the Sunday Blues, many people experience Sundays in a negative way, on a regular basis. The source of the blues is often work related. Whether it's a stressful Monday morning commute or the thought of dealing with a difficult boss, the Sunday Blues can overshadow what should be a time to recharge and not think about work (assuming you work Monday to Friday). I used to spend my Sunday evenings dreading the week ahead but this completely changed when I started taking Samba dance classes. Instead of being stressful, my Sunday evenings are now filled with joy, music, dance and friends who share my passion. If you experience the Sunday Blues, there are some simple steps you can take to overcome them.

What You'll Need

  • Yourself
  • An open mind

What You'll Do

  • Identify what makes Sunday evenings difficult for you. Are you dreading work? If so, perhaps this is an area of your life you need to examine. What would need to change for you to be excited to get out of bed on Monday mornings? Perhaps you had such a wonderful weekend that you don't want it to end? Think about what made the weekend so enjoyable and consider how you can add more of this to each day.
  • Find an activity you love. By filling Sundays evenings with activities you love, you will transform them into a time to look forward to, a time for fun/relaxation/adventure or whatever it is that will make you happy. Remember, your Sunday evenings can be whatever you want them to be and you have the power to transform them.
  • Express gratitude. Studies show that the happiest people are those who are the most grateful. Before you go to bed, make two simple lists: 1) reflect on all the positive things that have happened during the week that is ending. 2) identify everything you have to look forward to during the coming week.
  • Plan and set some goals. In the last step, you made two lists. How can you make the lists longer next week; filled with even more to be grateful for?
  • Think about how you would like your lists to read. Set some goals and start taking small steps toward achieving them. The aim is to fill your weeks with so much positivity that Sunday evenings are no longer a reason to be "blue" but are filled with much to enjoy and look forward to.
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